Shandong jinggong fitness equipment co., ltd engaged in the fitness equipment industry for more than 5 years. Jinggong fitness has own design engineer, there are new design product every year. Our products not only pay attention to the function, pay more attention to safety. We has professional sales team and qualify team. To ensure that the product sent is perfect. At the same time, we also pay more attention to after-sales service, you can contact our after-sales team directly, they can solve your problem immediately.More info please contact us now !

I am a fitness equipment dealer. Jinggong company is a professional and has high requirement on quality. I like cooperate with their team.

Thanks for Jinggong fitness equipment which arrived yesterday, it's amazing,very strong and beautiful

I open a gym , buy fitness equipment from Jinggong company. The products are very good and beautiful.

Jinggong after-sales team help solve problems quickly,perfect service.

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